It hit the news today in an exclusive article on Reuters that Jerry Falwell Jr., heir to the Christian evangelical movement built by his father, Jerry Falwell Sr., has been outed as being in a cuckold relationship with his wife, Becki, for the better part of the last decade.

The “Bull”, Giancarlo Granda, met the Falwells in early 2012 and engaged in a sexual relationship with Becki for over 6 years that often involved Jerry Jr. looking on. There is plenty of text and email evidence, according to Reuters, to substantiate Granda’s claim. Falwell’s lawyer issued a statement saying that he denied “everything you [Reuters] intend to publish about him”. That story changed before the bombshell Reuters piece went to publishing, however, when Falwell issued a statement saying Granda was trying to extort money from the couple after Becki had an affair with the 29 year old.

Falwell had already taken a leave of absence from Liberty University after a kerfuffle (you don’t see that word enough in print) on Instagram where he posted (then promptly deleted) a picture that showed his arm around a young woman while both had their pants unzipped. This sealed the deal for the 58 year old who has, as of today, resigned from Liberty University.

Cucks (at least those not “out” in the lifestyle) live in a constant fear or angst of being found out by family and friends and the judgment or ridicule that may ensue. So here is my $64,000 question (let’s be honest, it’s been $64,000 for decades, shouldn’t it be a cool half million by now with inflation?): how do we feel about the Falwell’s cuckold relationship being outed publicly?

I try so hard to find the best in people, to believe that even the worst of humanity has got to have a shred of decency in them somewhere. I am a firm believer as well that “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. Now having said all that…..fuck em. Yes, you read that right….fuck em. And here is why.

For starters, Liberty University makes each and every student live up to a very strict, almost biblical honor code which states “Sexual relations outside of biblically ordained marriage between a natural-born man and a natural-born woman are not permissible at Liberty University” (I’d like to point out the “natural” specificity, but that’s a whole other topic for another time, suffice it to say “fuck them” again). The fact that you’re asking students to fork over tens of thousands of dollars for an education (at a college with a 1.59 billion dollar endowment no less) while asking them to adhere to an archaic code which you yourself can’t live up to is the height of hypocrisy.

It shouldn’t be surprising, however, that Liberty University would want to weed out so-called “undesirable elements” from their midst. Look at some of the comments from their founder, the elder Jerry Falwell. He called homosexuality a sin, said that “gay folks would just as soon kill you as look at you”, and called members of the Metropolitan Community Church (which was LGBT friendly) “brute beasts” and that “this vile system will one day be utterly annihilated and there’ll be celebration in heaven.” The younger Falwell has taken it a step further, by supporting the disgusting and horrific psuedo-science of “conversion therapy” to “repair” gay people.

These people, these “Christians”, are the type that exemplify the reason I’m not religious. They do not act at all “Christ-like” and should be ashamed to even be adjacent to a religion named after a man who preached love and understanding and tolerance (yes in a book rife with inaccuracies, written over centuries by multiple people, translated incorrectly, and is all in all a more boring and sometimes conflicting version of Aesop’s Fables, but you get my point). Now I want to stress this isn’t ALL Christians, but I’m speaking specifically about the most hypocritical of the bunch, like the Falwells, that act in public like they are endowed with powers from the Messiah himself to oversee our salvation on Earth and then do whatever they want in private. This behavior is akin to gas-lighting in my book, a practice that has become, since my learning of it, one of the things I hate most in life.

When you gaslight someone, you take the entirety of their paradigm, their reality, and attempt to discredit it, to falsify it – you essentially have raped their mind. It is a practice I find wholly abhorrent, but I find people like the Falwells engaging in this behavior more and more. In their case, they are telling people that God has no place for them, that their eternal damnation is all but certain because of how they have chosen to live their lives and what makes them happy and fulfilled, and they are doing it while engaging in the same kind of behavior but behind a closed door and with the supposed cover of a higher power. It is disgusting, it is morally reprehensible, and it is evil.

If Jerry Falwell was somebody else – Jerry Seinfeld perhaps, if Jerry Seinfeld was outed as a cuckold, I’d be incredibly pissed off on his behalf. This post would be titled “What is the deal with BBC?!” People who live their life in a relatively honest and decent manner deserve their privacy and to enjoy their private life however and with whomever they choose (consenting adults only of course). But when you spend your life railing against people for living in sin, when you support dangerous therapy that hurts people PERMANENTLY, when you spend decades and millions of dollars to smear people’s way of life for being against your “moral code”, you deserve everything you get.

Maybe an eye for an eye does make the whole world blind but….how about a kick in the dick? That sounds pretty fair to me.

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